What do I get?

  • Premium top-level domain. We will transfer the domain to the domain name registrar of your choice.
  • Modern logo that was tailored to the brand name. You will become the only owner of the logo and have exclusive rights to use the logo.
  • Ready to use files. Production-ready vector ai. eps. svg .pdf raster png files.

Why Brandwurst?

We use our secret super special sauce to source good domains that are still available. Think of a business name and try to buy a domain for it. Yeah, it's taken. We sometimes come up with stuff that is still available, catchy and has the potential to become the name of your business.

More, our designers create logos (and branding) for the specific domain (thus brand) name.

We pretty much go through the process of coming up with a business name, securing the domain and then working with identity designer to package it in a presentable and professional way.

Each and every item in our shop is a result of this highly creative process.

Who are you?

Devidas (on the left) is a stellar identity designer always experimenting with colours and shapes. Eligijus is a software developer, who's brain is always producing business ideas.

We've put our heads together to start and build Brandwurst - a place where our creativity helps with starting a new business.

Here's a blog post where we talk about starting Brandwurst - Starting a side hustle? Naming is hard.

Excited - we've just recorded our first podcast episode together :)

How does this work?

  1. Browse, preview and pick what you like.
  2. Add to cart, fill out the checkout form and we will contact you shortly with transaction details from Escrow.com.
  3. Receive the domain and the logo, get on with your business.

What is Escrow.com and why are we using it?

Escrow.com is a trusted third-party that holds funds in a secure Escrow Account. Funds are held in escrow until the transaction is fulfilled. https://www.escrow.com/what-is-escrow

Escrow.com makes the deal easy, quick and safe. It's pretty easy to use and ensures that everyone is happy with the deal.

Love a logo, not the domain

No worries. If you only need a domain or a logo, let us know at info@brandwurst.com.

Haven't answered your question?

Drop us a line, we'll be back with an answer.